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In order to start them on the path to proper oral health, it’s crucial to start your children on a stable hygiene routine early. At Highland Hills Dental, we suggest starting regular dentist appointments at two years old with two visits a year. Because we’re both cleaning your child’s teeth and looking for early dental issues, these biannual visits will help you avoid costly repair treatments down the line.

When it comes to braces, the Canadian Dental Association suggests that you bring your child in to be assessed for orthodontic work by age seven at the latest.

You should also have your child maintaining proper hygiene care at home:

Infant Dental Care

Even before your baby’s first teeth come in, you can help protect their gums by wiping them gently with a damp washcloth. This can be done before bedtime and after feedings. As your infant begins to teethe, you can brush the teeth using a small toothbrush with very soft bristles. It’s important to only put water into their sleep bottle – having formula, juice or milk while they sleep adds to early plaque build-up.

Oral Care for Kids

Children should at least be brushing their teeth in the mornings and right before bed, although brushing after meals is also recommended. Highland Hills Dental recommend toothbrushes with soft bristles and a gentle fluoride toothpaste, then once your child’s permanent teeth come in you can add flossing to evening brushing.

We understand that some children are nervous about going to the dentist. That’s why our office is child-friendly; our team of dental professionals have experience putting our kid patients at ease during the examination. If your child is still weary of the dentist, we suggest bringing your child along during your own check-up – if they see their parent going through the appointment without fear, it could help calm their own nerves.

Adult Hygiene

It’s important to keep up your oral care throughout your life. Brush and floss daily to avoid plaque build-up and the tooth decay and gum disease that comes with it. During your appointment, let us know if you’ve been feeling any pain or sensitivity with your teeth or gums – it could be a sign of other issues and it’s always better to find these problems early.

Oral Care for Seniors

Senior citizens have more complicated oral health issues due to age and larger amounts of medications. Many seniors have lost one or several teeth, which can cause deterioration issues for the bone under your gum line. Even non-oral health conditions can complicate the health of your teeth in ways you wouldn’t expect; for example, severe arthritis can make regular brushing and flossing much more difficult. That’s why it’s just as important for you to maintain regular dental cleanings with our teams at Highland Hills.

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