Crowns and Bridges

Your Options for Dental Crowns and Bridges

If damage to your tooth is severe, there’s a chance that a filling will not be enough to save it. In that case, the staff at Kitchener’s Highland Hills Dental might suggest a crown and bridge.


An alternative to tooth removal, crowns surround the tooth, adding stability and protecting the natural tooth from further decay. A crown can be made of metal, ceramic, porcelain or a porcelain/metal combination. If you’re worried about how the crown will look, porcelain and ceramic are both natural looking materials.

During the procedure, we’ll clean the tooth and, if necessary, perform a root canal. This will allow us to get rid of any infection and decay within the tooth. A crown is recommended following a root canal to protect your tooth from further damage. To make the crown, your dentist will reshape the tooth and take an impression. That impression will be used to make the custom crown that will fit perfectly into place. You’ll get a temporary crown to wear until the second appointment, where we’ll fit you with the permanent crown.


There are two kinds of bridges. For a fixed bridge, we put a false tooth anchored in place by a crown on each side. The crowns hold the false tooth in place.

A cantilever bridge is only attached on one side; it might be used if your missing tooth is at the front of your mouth where there is less chance of harsh grinding. While these are fixed in place, removable bridges are also available and cost less.

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